Guest Care Manager

About Liezel

Bringing Beauty and Confidence to Every Guest

Meet Liezel, a young and vibrant member of the MaJi Hair Design team who is fueled by a genuine passion for providing exceptional guest care to all our clients. With her unwavering attention to detail and an ever-ready willingness to assist, Liezel is dedicated to ensuring that each guest’s journey with us begins with the utmost care from the moment they schedule an appointment.

A History of Guest Care Excellence

With a background in guest care services, Liezel possesses a unique talent for making our guests feel not just beautiful but truly confident. She leaves no stone unturned in her quest to ensure that every individual is thoroughly delighted with the service they receive during their visit.

A Hunger for Knowledge and Growth

Liezel is fueled by an insatiable eagerness to expand her expertise in the latest hair care trends and products. She is thrilled to learn from our exceptional team of hair care professionals here at MaJi Hair Design, showcasing her commitment to delivering the best to our valued guests.

A Peek Into Liezel’s World

Beyond the salon, Liezel’s passions extend to the realms of cooking, exploring new destinations through travel, delving into the world of literature, and savoring cherished moments with her loved ones.

The Beauty of Helping Others

Liezel’s journey into the beauty industry was inspired by her innate desire to assist others. For her, the beauty industry is not just about performing a service; it’s about helping individuals feel better about themselves and brightening their day.

What Sets Liezel Apart

Liezel’s presence in the industry is distinguished by her unwavering work ethic, professionalism, and an infectious enthusiasm for the work she does. These qualities not only reflect her dedication but also make her a standout member of the MaJi Hair Design family. She brings a unique energy to MaJi Hair Design that is bound to leave an indelible impression.

Favorite Styling Secret

Liezel swears by the ‘One Minute Transformation’ styling cream by Color Wow. As someone who grapples with frizzy hair, this product serves as her trusty companion, moisturising and smoothing her locks with remarkable efficiency.

Liezel 's Favorite Products

One-Minute Transformation Styling Cream
One-Minute Transformation Styling Cream
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