Hair Coloring in Mendham, NJ

We offer several different hair color services at MaJi Hair Design. We have multiple lines of genuine L’oreal color available including Majirel permanent color, Dia Light demi-permanent, Dia Richesse semi-permanent, and Inoa ammonia free color. We also use L’oreal lightener, which is available in an ammonia free option. The services we provide include single processes for root touch ups, brilliance for color on your mid-shaft to ends, full and partial highlights, full and partial balayages, lowlights, and men’s color blending.

What color should I dye my hair?

The best way to decide on what color to dye your hair would be to have a consultation with a stylist. It all depends on what look you are trying to achieve, whether you have gray hair that needs to be covered, and if you want to go to a lighter or darker color, or if you want to completely match your natural color.

How long does semi permanent hair color last?

Semi permanent hair color can last between 4-6 weeks, depending how often you wash your hair.

What is demi permanent hair color?

Demi permanent is ammonia free color that only gets under the outer cuticle of the hair, and creates a coating of color. Unlike permanent, demi does not penetrate into the strand of hair, and gradually washes away. Demi-permanent color lasts 24 shampoos on average.

How long does permanent hair color last?

Permanent hair color is just that, permanent! Permanent hair color needs to be touched up every 4 – 6 week as your natural hair color grows in. This type of color will stay in your hair and will either need to be cut out or grow out.

How soon can I recolor my hair if I don’t like the color?

There are different ways to recolor hair. If your hair is a tone that you don’t like, it is possible for your stylist to fix your formula immediately. If your hair is too dark, it is usually best to wait  2 – 3 weeks until you have some regrowth, or until you have given the color a chance to fade or lighten up.

How much does professional hair coloring cost?

It depends on your desired look, and how thick and long your hair is. Single processes for your roots cost between $62 – 86. Ammonia-free, or Inoa, costs between $74 – 98. Brilliance ranges from $62 – 86. Men’s color blending ranges from $40 – 50. There may be additional charges for extra color if your hair requires more of it.

How long to wait before washing hair after coloring?

We suggest waiting at least 72 hours before washing your hair after a color service so that the hair cuticle can fully close and trap the color in. If completely necessary though, you could wash your hair right after coloring it.

How long does hair coloring take?

Professional coloring at the salon takes 60-90 minutes on average.The length of time depends on the thickness, length and desired look.

What are hot roots when coloring hair?

Hot roots is when your roots are appearing warmer, or lighter than the rest of your hair. This can happen due to your own body heat and if your roots respond faster to the color than your mid-shaft and ends. It can also happen if you are coloring your hair a lighter shade, but your ends are previously colored and your roots are not.

Should hair be dirty when coloring?

It’s actually better to have fairly clean hair when coloring since there will be less buildup to prevent the color from being fully saturated. The cleanliness of your hair does not usually affect color results greatly.

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