Foil Highlights in Mendham, NJ

Foil highlights is a highly requested service for many of our clients at our Mendham hair salon. They are used as a great way to brighten up the hair, no matter what your natural color is. Highlights do require some maintenance, and on average clients rebook appointments for them every 8-10 weeks. Many different looks can be achieved using foil highlights, you can use them to go completely blonde all over, or just add a few for some beautiful dimension. Highlights can also be used to flawlessly blend gray color for clients who do not want to completely cover their gray hair.

What are foil highlights?

Foil highlights is a technique used to add dimension or lightness to the hair. It is most often used to accent your natural color or to create an overall lighter color. It is also great to blend in grey hair. This technique uses foil and careful placement to achieve a desired look.

What do 7 foil highlights look like?

Seven to ten foil helps to blend regrowth in between your normal partial or full foil. These foils are placed around your hairline, where it will have the most visual effect. You can also get seven to ten foils along with your single process root color, to add dimension. 

What are full foil highlights?

A full foil service is scheduled when you want to noticeably lighten your natural color. This service involves foil placement over your entire head. From your front hairline all the way to your back hairline.

What are partial foil highlights?

A partial foil service is scheduled when you want to accent your natural color. It is also used for maintenance in between your full foil service. Partial foils are placed from just below the crown of your head, on both sides, and up to your front hairline.

What are shadow foil highlights?

Shadow foil highlights, also known as a shadow root, is a technique that defuses the root area of the hair. Instead of seeing highlights right up to the root, a shadow root is a darker color that seamlessly blends in with the highlights.

How long do foil highlights take?

It depends on the length and thickness of your hair. A partial foil highlight can take 1.5+ hours, and a full foil highlight can take 2+ hours.

How often do I need foil highlights?

A foil highlight application will need to be touched up every 8 to 10 weeks if you want to maintain a lighter, overall color. If you have a more natural highlight, your application can be touched up 12 to 16 weeks. Your stylist can recommend when you should schedule your next color service.

How much are foil highlights?

Full foil highlights cost between $127 – 154. Partial foil highlights cost between $101 – 125. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, there could be an additional charge for extra lightener.

What is foliage?

Foliage is a specialty service that combines balayage and foiling technique to create a grown out and very blended color.  It is also great for someone who has very dark hair and wants to achieve very blonde color.

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