Fairy Tinsel Hair in Mendham, NJ

Fairy hair is a fun look for anyone of any age. It is easy to apply, and they catch the light and create a nice detail within your hair. Fairy hair does not damage your hair since they are simply just tied in, and they last as long as the strand of hair stays attached to your scalp. Fairy hair comes in many different colors and pop in any hair color. You can choose from different dimensions as well such as glitter or holographic. You can style your hair as you normally do, whether it is just brushing it, or you use heat to curl or straighten your hair. It can be included in braids and ponytails as well. Whether it is for a special occasion, or just for fun, fairy hair is acceptable for any time.

What is fairy hair?

Fairy hair is very thin, individual pieces of tinsel. Tinsel comes in a large variety of color and dimension, such as glitter, holographic, and iridescent.

Where to get fairy hair?

You can get fairy hair at MaJi Hair Design, a professional hair salon in Mendham, NJ.

How long does fairy hair last?

Fairy hair is placed next to an individual piece of your own hair and tied into a knot, making it slip resistant. The fairy will last in your hair until your own individual strand of hair detaches from your scalp.

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