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About Jill

Master Stylist and Co-owner at MaJi Hair Design

With over two decades of dedication to the art of hairstyling, Jill is a seasoned professional and one of the proud owners at MaJi Hair Design. Her journey in the beauty industry has been marked by a commitment to continued education, a passion for her craft, and an unyielding love for her clients.

A Lifelong Learner

Jill firmly believes that continued education is the lifeblood of her profession. She eagerly embraces every opportunity to challenge herself and apply her most current education and experiences to her craft. Her dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends ensures that her clients receive the latest and best in hairstyling.

Building Meaningful Connections

 Jill’s genuine enjoyment of getting to know each guest on a personal level sets her apart. She treasures the unique stories that each person has to share and has developed special relationships with her guests over the years. Their trust and loyalty are a testament to her unwavering commitment to fulfilling their styling wishes.

A Strong Belief in Consultation

As an artist in the industry, Jill firmly believes that every stylist brings something unique to their guests. She considers a thorough consultation to be the most important part of any service. This is the moment to ask open-ended questions and analyze each guest’s hair. Fully understanding their expectations and effectively communicating what is achievable results in successful appointments and happy guests.

Exceptional Salon Experience

 When you entrust Jill with your next cut and style, you can expect nothing less than an all-around exceptional and enjoyable salon experience. Her dedication to her craft and genuine care for her clients shine through in every appointment.

A Glimpse Beyond the Salon

 Outside of the salon, Jill cherishes spending time with her family. She’s also embraced the world of sewing, honing her skills in this creative pursuit. Jill enjoys a good dirty martini and finds relaxation in watching HGTV home improvement shows or cooking shows.

Jill’s passion, dedication, and artistry are at the heart of MaJi Hair Design, ensuring that every client leaves feeling and looking their best. Book your appointment with Jill and experience the difference she can make in your hairstyling journey.

Favorite Styling Product

Jill’s go-to styling product is the Split End Seal by Oribe. She loves to use it as a finishing touch, whether after a blowout or on day two of a blowout. This versatile serum camouflages split ends, adds a beautiful shine, and provides essential heat and UV

Jill's Favorite Products

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